Types of Food to Store

What types of food are good to store?

Below we list for you options for foods to store for both short and long term emergency planning.  We point out the benefits (+) and detractors
(-) of each choice.

Fresh—Grow it or Raise it
+ Very best for you, nearly endless supply, working in a garden therapeutic
– Takes the most forethought and planning, space, tools, costs, etc.
– When raising farm animals you must constantly feed, water, and shelter them.

Canned—Buy it or Home Can
+ Less expensive, long lasting, quick and easy to use,
– Heavy, takes a lot of space, less nutritious, less flavor

Dry/Bulk—Whole Grains, Legumes, Pasta, Spices, Sweeteners, or Processed
+ Least expensive, little space, long lasting
– Longer cooking time, less flavor

Frozen—Meat, Dairy, Seeds, Fruits, and Vegetables
+ Readily available, flavor, affordable, very easy to process/store from harvest
– Vulnerable in power outage, continuous cost, not mobile

Dehydrated or Freeze-Dried
+ Very easy to use, portable, least space, lightweight,
– Most expensive, questionable flavor, texture a little different, few spices

Comfort Foods- Chocolate, Candy, Pancake Mix, Brownie Mix, Beer/Wine, Special Meal
+ A must to relax, help feel normal, relieves stress, use as reward, motivating
+ Great barter/trade value, distraction from troubles,
– Not nutritious, takes space, takes money that could be used on more nutrition