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  • Really Ready?

    What does it take to be really ready for an emergency? With our help, you can achieve a level of readiness you can feel confident about. Everything starts with a plan. Read more ›

  • Enough Water?

    Number one on your emergency list is sufficient water. Storing and purifying water are key skills to possess. We can teach you how to maximize your options. Read more ›

  • Food Reserves?

    Learn how much food you need on reserve and methods to make it last without spoiling. Read more ›

  • Grow Your Own?

    Feed the soil and it will feed you. We can show you how to maximize food production, minimize growing time, and realize several crops per year per square foot of garden space. Read more ›

  • Got Power?

    Would you know how to provide light and heat for you home? How would you prepare food? We can teach you how to accurately calculate your power needs and show you options to fill them. Read more ›