About Us

Who is Prepare The Way?

We are a training company and a supplier. We take the novice who’s too flustered to think about preparation or too busy to do all the research themselves and we give them bottom-line direction and products to help quickly equip their homes. We also take the better-prepared and network them together so that whole regions can benefit from their forethought rather than suffer.

We train through seminars, online teaching, and audio products, and are a one-stop shop for people who turn their eyes to the future and realize they need a backup plan for communication, water, food, power, security and medical care.

We boil down years of experience into bite sized chunks, feed it to those hungry to learn, so that they can be ready when it counts.

If you’re not quite sure if your house has achieved an acceptable readiness level, we highly recommend you sign up for our next “Really Ready Weekend.” All it takes is one weekend to jump start a lifestyle of readiness!