Founder Terry Leverett

About Founder Terry Leverett

Terry founded Prepare the Way, LLC  because of  his story of becoming successfully prepared.   Living in Dallas in 1992 he read a book that made him alarmingly aware that should a disaster happen, he would be a sitting duck, ignorant, and stuck in the middle of 5 million people going nuts.  He didn’t know how to live without going to the store for groceries, turning on the tap for water, or flipping a switch for lights. That struck him deep in his gut and got him started looking for answers!

Terry spent the  next 18 years learning how to live a life of dignity in as wide a variety of  adverse situations possible.   He’s acquired tools, knowledge, and supplies to adapt. To give you an idea, he currently could take care of 10 people for up to 3 years at a high level of preparedness. Without a doubt Terry learned, and teaches that,  the more options you provide for yourself the better off you are.  Terry’s goal now is to help those serious and willing to eliminate their fear of the future on the subject of preparedness and to guide them with pointed information and tested products to make their home ready when it counts, meaning now!