How do I get ready to face medical care in any crisis?

Medical concerns aren’t always trauma.  To create a lifestyle of preparedness, you must assess what short and long term health related issues you, your family, and those you’re charged to care for will face.  To start a course of action, ask and answer the below questions.

  • Who, in the group I want to care for, has what known medical conditions?
  • Is there diabetes? pacemakers? asthma? use of blood pressure medication in my group?
  • Can I obtain an extra emergency supply of medications and equipment to address known health issues?
  • Am I storing those items properly?
  • Does everyone understand how to use and administer the treatments involved in my group?
  • What is the difference between treating conditions in our usual location and if we have to relocate?
  • If I need emergency care, what are my first, second, and third plans to creatively obtain it in a crisis?
  • Do I, or my team, know basic first aid? CPR? triage?

We believe that a preparation-minded person would move to achieve optimal health and nutrition and to be as sound of mind and body as possible going into any emergency.  This begs the questions, “What steps can I take now to create optimal health for myself and family?”