Creating a Quick Plan

Some things you can’t short cut in emergency readiness.

We cannot determine your answers to “How many?” nor “How long?”  We cannot say for certain if it’s another hurricane, 9/11 event, or Great Depression that will take its toll.  We cannot have the family conversations about, “What to do with Great Aunt Freda in the nursing home if we have to take off?” or the puppies, or if the neighbors try to break into your storage cellar.

For those things, there are not short cuts.  We suggest taking a Sunday a month or the next family holiday gathering and setting an agenda to talk about emergency planning for a couple hours.  Share with your extended family and dear friends what your plans are if you must evacuate, or if you must shelter in place.  These talks, before hand, are like the health insurance you pay for monthly–not necessary every day but often life-saving when there’s a critical need!


Next, consider Water.