How Many for How Long?

How many people do you have a vision for caring for during a disaster?

We believe this is the fundamental first question to answer.  When you know how many people you must care for, and add on how many you have the heart to care for, and then you agree for a duration that you want to span, then it’s a matter of mathematics to know how much supply to build up.

Our team members, for example have had these respective goals and corresponding storage to meet their goals:

  • Twenty people for two years
  • Ten people for three years
  • Five people for six months
  • Two people for three months

Nailing this down is an unavoidable step.  It will help you set proper storage targets for food, water, power, and medical needs, so that you meet the minimums, and it will help you from going overboard and hoarding.  As you work through each of the sections on the website, let this always be your frame.