Asking Hard Questions

What will it take to protect my family?

Asking hard questions means removing yourself from your typical frame of reference.  In situations demanding preparedness, often time unexpected threats become part of the equation.  These are what we urge, and will help you, mull over, debate with your family and determine before the pressure of an emergency demands your response.  If you’ve purposed to plan your responses, your chance for a favorable outcome improve.

What could possibly happen?

Although we don’t want to camp out with fear, we do want to present reality.  In earthquakes, flooding and hurricanes, this nation has already seen looting sprout quickly like an unruly weed.  Rioting and vandalism lurk just under the skin in many cities.  The truth is, many will take by force when denied their privilege.

That’s why we’re asking.

  • What do you think about self-protection?
  • Who do you consider an ally presently or in the future?
  • What’s a threat?
  • Who is a threat?
  • What about acts of violence or burglary intended against your family and property?
  • Would you have a pre-determined plan if someone at the door was considered a threat?
  • Do you know how to secure your property, perimter, and beyond?
  • What action would you take?