Best Water Storage

How much water should I store?

Prepare The Way teaches that emergency planning for any topic—water, food, power, or otherwise—should first address the question, “How many people for how long?”  This is a critical calculation to make with water.

We want you to first consider getting adequate drinking water, but soon plan for your needs to bathe, wash dishes, and handle sanitary concerns.

You’ll see the stats all over the web for water.  Most say that it takes a gallon of water, per person, per day, to drink enough water to survive.  You can ration down to a quart a day per person, but you’ll slowly dehydrate. We want you, however, to think in terms of abundance, not just minimums.

Beginner Milestones for Water Storage

  1. Put 50 gallons away immediately.  Do this by purchasing 2 gallon water packs at the store.  If you are forward thinking, use a barrel and pump [link to store].
  2. Put rain and snow harvesting containers in place outdoors.
  3. Create a 275 gallon stash
  4. Work at storing another 500 gallons.
  5. Work at storing up another 1,000 gallons.

Intermediate & Advanced Milestones for Water Storage

  1. Thoughtfully place above-ground water tanks on your property.
  2. Consider installing below ground cisterns.
  3. Dig a shallow or deep water well and get a well bucket.
  4. Outfit your home with a rain water harvesting and system.
  5. Create electricity-free back-up systems to public and rural water by means of streams, ponds, and lakes.