What’s the best food to store?

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What’s the best strategy to storing food?  What do you really need?

Did you know you need more calories and even better nutrition when you’re body is stressed out by a disaster?  We completely believe that you can store nutritious foods to get you through any crisis period.  Whereas most food calculators out there will cover the staples, the majority we’ve seen don’t lead you to the fruits, vegetables, and digestible proteins you should get.  Our below chart helps you grasp what it takes to healthily feed yourself for a year using all food-storage-capable foodstuffs.

Food Storage Category Minimum Requirements
Wheat, Grains, Cereals, Meal 250 lbs/person/year
Rice 100 lbs/person/year
Pasta 25 lbs/person/year
Beans 75 lbs/person/year
Fruit 25 lbs/person/year
Vegetables 65 lbs/person/year
Dairy 60 lbs/person/year
Meats & Proteins & Nuts No minimum required
Sweetners 60 lbs/person/year
Butters & Oils 25 lbs/person/year
Comfort Food No minimum required
Cooking Essentials Varies by item
Water for Cooking 700 gallons/year

Caring for more than yourself?  Multiply the amounts needed by each person to figure what kind of storage you need to build.

BIG TIP: It’s better to acquire a variety of foods for a shorter period of time, say 3 months, than to have a giant supply of the same thing for a year. Cruise through our blog and website to learn easy ways to build up your food reserves.

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